Don’t let the details slow you down

I can bridge the gaps between your creative and technical teams, even on the most complex projects.

Hey! My name’s Anthony!

I am a highly motivated, empowering and passionate Project Management Professional (PMP) with extensive experience delivering products on time and on budget while maintaining team morale.

I’ve been leading technical and creative projects for over 10 years and have grown to love bringing peace to chaotic situations. I’m known for being a servant leader and putting my teams’ growth and productivity above all else. I connect assignments with team members’ strengths and passions and help them see the vision.

I bring joy and levity everywhere I go, from the office to my local Pokémon gym. So, if you have a question, not only will I find the answer, but I’ll provide you with the edgiest memes in the process. I am highly technically literate and have worked with teams ranging across software development, design, content management, biomedical research and data analysis.

Benefits I Bring to You

— Snapshot of my Skills —

If you’ve gotten this far:

Enjoy some technical memes on me.